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Vendor/Seller and Marketplace Agreement

This is a general seller agreement. This agreement is for the seller and marketplace to know the rules and expectations. It is also to protect you (the vendor) and us (marketplace) from any possible problems that may emerge. When you see the word "we" or "our" it means marketplace owners, Roxana Rossi. When you see the word "you", it means seller/vendor. 

Marketplace Main goal: We want our marketplace to be a high end boutique, and we will strive for high quality. Sellers will be based in the USA. Exceptions may occur when a vendor lives in Canada that can provide US shipping timelines. That means we will curate items, and decline anything that is not aligned with our main goal. Here are some rules we have established to help us keep our main objective. 

Seller-Vendor relationship goal: Our main priority is helping our vendors and us have a profitable business. Honesty and clear communication is crucial. Please also understand as this grows, we will encounter growing pains and we will strive to solve any problems that may emerge. 

1. Vendor: You agree that you are a US based business or live near Canada/USA border where you can ship items in a timely manner. You have EIN and are authorized to sell your products. 

2. Product

You agree that your products are honestly advertised as the pictures you show in your product description. You will try your best in providing a high quality products. Always ask yourself, is this something I would buy? 

3. Product Photos

Upload high quality images of your products. Your photos have to be your own, we do allow certain mock ups that look boutique style, but we will decline generic ones that makes our site not look like a high end boutique marketplace. No text on your images are allowed unless you are specifying a color or a variation/example. Your main image should be just an image without any text. 

4. Product Pricing and Deal pricing

We require you to include your shipping cost in your price (deal price and regular products) when uploading your products. We are a small team, and making your products have free shipping will help us tremendously on our end when paying you. Please click on the FREE SHIPPING option when you upload your products. 

You can upload deals and non deal products. If you are running a deal, please keep it up during the duration of the deal. The system will update when you are sold out!. We will run deals Fridays and Tuesdays. We ask to price your deals at a competitive price on our marketplace so customers can keep coming back. Once a deal expires, it will go back to your regular priced item in our marketplace. 

You will be able to take down any non-deal products whenever you want. 

5. Shipping Timeframe

Our goal with this marketplace is for customers to get their non personalized items shipped fast, preferably have it shipped within 3 business days. Shoppers will want to keep coming back if items ship fast. That being said, we know that can't be the case for every vendor if unexpected circumstances arise (weather delays or holidays) that prevent us from shipping fast. We created a timely manner definition for shipping, please see below. 

You agree to ship items in a timely manner, and that you have your items on hand. If you do have a manufacturing facility that does your shipping, you agree that facility is in the USA and that they will fulfill items in a timely manner. Timely manner for us is within 7 days, except personalized items. We consider a timely manner for personalized items to be within 14 days. Please SPECIFY your processing and shipping times CLEARLY in your product descriptions. This will ensure happy customers. These timely manners timeline may fluctuate during high volume seasons like the Holidays, and as long as you have the items with you, and/or your facility is based in the USA, we will accept those exceptions. Update them in your shop seller profile section as they fluctuate please so customers know what to expect. 

6. Refunds/return 

We will have a 7 day refund policy. The customer has 7 days after a product is delivered to request a refund and 14 days to ship it back to the vendor in the same condition it was delivered. If your customer wants a refund, please add me to that email and tell them you will refund them according to the specifications we mentioned above.

If your shop has a longer than 7 day refund policy, please mention it in your shop policy when you sign up as a vendor.  Customer will pay for shipping the item back unless you have delivered the wrong item, then it is your responsability to cover the shipping cost for the return. No returns on personalized items and Final sale or Clearance items. 

7. Commission & Payments to Vendor

We will take 20% commission from every sale. We will pay every Monday on products are markets as "shipped" from orders up until a week prior. Please note that "Tracking number added" products will not count as items being marked as shipped. This will help us know that your products are on its way to your customer. We will pay you using ACH payment processing, (direct deposits to your bank account). Please email me that info to or you can call me, send me an email and I'll give you my number. 

8. Copyright infringements

We do not allow any items for sale that are copyrighted, unless you have a license to sell, then you would need to send us your license permit. As a general matter, copyright infringement occurs when a copyrighted work is reproduced, distributed, performed, publicly displayed, or made into a derivative work without the permission of the copyright owner.

9. No copying other's work

Basically, be honest when creating your products and don't copy other fellow vendor's items and sell them here. Please reach out if you have any questions. Competition and variety is good, as long as it's your work. 

10. Limit same products

We will limit the amount of vendors selling the same product to avoid market saturation. 

11. Products you can't sell 

Drugs, adult material, tobacco products or anything related, stolen good, violent or hateful products, vitamins, supplements, hazardous material. 

12. We will require a business insurance by October 2024 (4th Q), most of you have one from selling at your previous marketplace. 


Items the seller/vendor is not responsible for, only the marketplace:

Marketplace Support Fee, Sales tax. 

We will charge a small percentage called a marketplace support fee pad by the customer, and we will collect sales tax fee with that during the payment checkout. We will waive the marketplace support fees whenever a customer purchases orders over a certain amount, called "a zero zone fee" to encourage higher order amounts. This marketplace fee is to cover processing fees and other expenses. 

By uploading your deals to our marketplace, you agree to this agreement.