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Welcome to Roxie's Picks!

It all started on Nov. 17th, 2023, when our main marketplace platform shut down abruptly, without warning, 1 week before Black Friday, the biggest shopping period of the year! It was a devastating moment to say the least, for me and my other hundred of fellow vendors. In our moment of desperation, I created a FB group to connect with our loyal customers, hoping to find some. What I was not expecting was the overwhelming support we got from our shoppers! in a week, our group grew to 4K members! They were there looking for us, and wanted to keep shopping from us!

I decided to create a site to categorize the vendors and make it easier for our customers, it was directing to the vendor's sites. We knew it was not convenient to be directed to every vendor's site, so I decided to create a marketplace, where shoppers could check out from one shopping cart, so on March 8th, 2024, we became a marketplace!

The journey hasn't been easy, I had to learn A TON, since this was NOT my main plan! I was not expecting to run a marketplace with hundreds of vendors. But with your support, and the vendors' support, we made it happen! 

I am so proud or what we have been able to accomplish with the help of our loyal customers and vendors. THANK YOU for being here. What can you expect from us?

We are not a Temu, Shein, or cheap overseas droshipping facility. All of our vendors are shipping from the USA, own their own boutique shops, and will respond to your emails when you have a question. And best of all, we are here for the long lasting customer relationships. We value YOU as our customer. Every time you shop from one of our vendors, we DO a happy dance! We are small business owners and stand by our high quality products. 

We are adding new vendors every week as more of them find where we are. Thank you for being here! It means the world to us,


Roxana and the Roxie's Picks vendors

PS: If you are curious as to what happened, NBC wrote an article on it. (You can read more on it here).